A judgment here, a judgement there

“Can’t you find something better to wear?”

Judgement is all around

“That’s a nice dress, but don’t you think you could lose a pound?”


Judgment comes in many forms

And always for people who don’t seem to fit the norms

“I’m sure she’s a lovely girl, but couldn’t you at least try for an interest in boys?”

“I know that one’s your favorite, but why don’t you like any girly toys?”


Judgment can be sneaky

“You’d be so pretty if you would just wear a dress”

And you better hope you’re not too geeky

“You’d look so great if you wore makeup more and glasses less”


Judgment can be cruel and blunt

With bullies always on the hunt

“You’re too fat, you’re too skinny, and what is with that pimple on your face?”

“Your thrift store cotton will never look as good as my department store lace”


Judgment can go unnoticed by its subjects

As friends become nothing more than useless objects

“Did you see the way she did her hair today?”

“But what about the hideous outfit she had on yesterday?”


Everyone passes judgment, that much is true

But judgement is wrong, just as the sky is blue

Let people be

And then you will see

That there is greater happiness in a world with no judgments hanging in the air


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